Good Design Practices – What are they and how can they be helpful?

good design pratice

When you are running an online venture, your website is the home base of your business. A professional web site attracts more visitors, which is useful in getting more business. As the design of the web site is directly linked to the success of the business, give importance to good design practices, while creating the site.

Navigation is the most important feature. Ensure that it is not overcrowded and confusing. Make it precise so that the visitors can move around the site with ease.

Do not display too many images on the site that can cause slow loading of the page. Include only items that are necessary to convey the message across to the visitor. While inserting images, use image optimization to reduce the file size.

Keep paragraph length to an optimum length to make it easy for the site visitors. Large paragraphs may be split to achieve this. Regular Net users are put off by lengthy paragraphs and move on when confronted with one.

While creating the site, care should be taken to make the site compatible with popular web browsers. The site should appear equally good on all of them. Also, ensure that the site follows the web standards as given at

Scripting languages are to be avoided if possible. They can slow down the site and may even cause some browsers to crash. A few browsers do not support them. If important message is given through these, visitors using those browsers might miss them. Use of scripting languages is to be limited to manipulating data. Avoid using them for visual enhancement.

By employing CSS, your work is made easy. The styling of the entire site can be done in a single shot.