How to assist visitors to purchase from your site?

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After setting up business and a web site to promote the product, it is time to think about methods to convert the traffic you are getting, into actual sales. Enough attention should be paid to ensure that you are garnering business from those who are interested in the product. Even this simple task is made difficult in many sites by making the buying process bothersome.

The first step in purchasing a product online is the order form. This should be displayed prominently for the prospective buyers to find them easily. Clear and concise instructions should be given in the site so that chances of getting lost are minimized. Another option is to provide a link to the order form from all the pages of your site.

When the payment is processed online, buyers look for payment options of their choice. Some prefer credit card while some others use checks. Still many are comfortable with Paypal. The more payment options provided in the site means more sales. It is a shame to lose customers because they can’t complete the transaction.

While arranging online money transactions, credibility of the site is raised when it is secured with encryption technology. A money-back guarantee is a temptation few can resist. The details about after-sales service and emergency contact numbers help in raising authenticity of the deal.

Other promotional tactics like testimonials and address of the company are helpful in increasing the confidence level of the buyer. The idea is to make them feel safe while buying online from a stranger.

It is a tough task to convince visitors to purchase your product. After hard selling the product, it would be pitiful, if the buyer backs out of the deal due to some frivolous reason.